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          Sue Riggio
     Rug Up Horsewear
  0414 429649     03 5978 6741
Rugs made to Order : Repaired
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COVID 19  has meant no activity at our grounds!
However due to the easing of restrictions we can resume rallies in a careful way.
Due to the requirement of a booking system required for all casual use of grounds by key holders, YOU MUST notify the committee when you are riding at the grounds and with whom is in attendance. PLEASE DO NOT just show up at your leisure.

See  Notices for more information!!
VERY IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ ...  if you're a key holder and ride at the grounds!!

YOU MUST sign the book at club grounds whenever you are riding down there, no exceptions as these are council requirements. Date, Time, all attendees & member number if you don't care to put down personal details.

If you can tie your horse to your float please do so rather than using yards or please ensure you disinfect all surfaces on areas that you touch.

The club rooms are being demolished later in the month & trades people will be at the grounds during the week for an extended period whilst the new building is being erected.

For the short term it is fine to use the grounds at your leisure with the exception of pony club Sunday's (1st & 3rd Sunday) AS LONG AS YOU SIGN THE BOOK, maintain social DISTANCING, DISINFECT.

�� thanks


Any money paid for the cancelled rally will be refunded.

Sorry for the sad news, please stay safe everyone

Council  has warned all Pony Club & Riding Club members or associates that they MUST NOT touch any bush including any recently cut sweet pittosporum !!!  
HEAVY FINES and termination of use of grounds may apply!!